‘Songs of Praise’ a message from Simon

Hello everyone,

I really hope that you are keeping well and safe.

I have had a request to consider looking at putting together a ‘Songs of Praise’ style video for people to watch regularly (possibly monthly) whilst we are unable to gather together, including various requests for songs and scripture. I’m happy to have a go at this but need to know that it will be well received before I commit time to it! I’m also very happy to look at putting the video onto DVD/CD and posting to those who cannot, or do not wish to, engage with it online.

Can I please ask that you simply reply to this email and let me know:

(a) Would you appreciate something like this?

(b) If yes to (a), please would you make 2 or 3 suggestions for favourite songs and bible readings? If we do not have musical accompaniments for some, we will look to use videos from the internet too.

I’ve sent this email to all Felixstowe SA people that I have in my address book, but please do feel free to forward it to others and ask them to email me, or phone me, with suggestions. I’ll also put a note into the next delivery of SA papers when we send them out.

With my best wishes,

Simon Scott

07429 121102