“Jesus Loves the Little Children Organisation

In December 2009 Hugh Pilcher was led by God to form a small team and start helping local vulnerable children in Kigumba, central-west Uganda.  Initially they worked with children who hung around the streets and slept in shop door-ways.

Joanne Nakiwala

Since then the ministry has progressed and now concentrates on ensuring most vulnerable children in that area attend Primary School and learn about God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.

In 2016 “Jesus Loves the Little Children Organisation” was registered with the Ugandan government as an international non-governmental organisation.

Also in 2016 a programme was added to help Children with Disabilities from the surrounding area.

Felixstowe Salvation Corps having been contacted by Hugh through an intermediary have agreed to fund the following children though our ‘Overseas Fund’ for the next  12 months.

Hugh says of the following children:

All of the following six children are known to us but need sponsors.  Some of our children are paid for through general funds but it is much better if they have a sponsor.  Only Gertrude is at Secondary School.

Fatuma Cheka

Fatuma Cheka-Top Class (Pre-School)-is a slow learner but let’s see how she gets on at school.  She has only started this year and the school put her in the last year of Pre-school.

Tumusime Denis-Year 3-Normally we don’t assist children if their father is still around but with Denis we have because his father has a serious health problem.

Apwolorot Perezi-Year Year 4-does well at school and l lives with her mum in a village.

Tumusime Denis

Nakiwala Joan-Year 1-live with her four siblings and mum Aisha who is a lovely Christian woman but very very poor.

Kato Sam-Year 1-has disabilities and walks on his knees but this year we sent him off to boarding school in the next district, ‘Masindi Centre for the Handicapped’.  He has never had a sponsor but we sent him to school this year with some extra funds which have now run out.

Atachoka Gertrude-Year 2-Returned to Secondary School this year after having a baby. She had a sponsor who has now left Uganda and cannot help her anymore.

So Sam and Gertrude are the two children which will need £200 each.  Although Gertrude is not in boarding school her fees are more because she is at Secondary.

For further information about the charity please see the pdf below