The 12-18 age group falls under ‘Youth’ and we meet on a weekly basis for our own teaching and
time together. Our group is called ‘Energise’. Every Sunday we meet for approximately one hour to look at many issues and the biblical teaching surrounding these issues. We try to make this as relevant and down to earth as possible!

On the 1st Sunday of every month, we meet before the Church service to share breakfast together – this provides a great opportunity to catch up, chat and generally have a good laugh together.

We also spend time together socially. Currently, we meet every other week on a Sunday evening at the home of someone from the Church. We call this Youth Fellowship and it is simply some fun, social time together. We like to go out and socialise together and have been ten pin bowling, ice skating, camping and to the cinema.

 We are currently under the leadership of Damien Laverty, our employed Youth Worker. We believe strongly in supporting other people and one way we try to do this is through fundraising. Keep an eye on the website for our fundraising and social events!

You can also find us on Facebook – just search for ‘Energise’.  If you are interested in joining us, come along on a Sunday and find me!

We have also just launched a series of events called Alive! Click on the Alive! logo on this website to see further details – there will also be photos of this event in the archive.
We would love to welcome you to join our group on Sunday’s or when we socialise. If you come to the Church, please make yourselves known to us and we will be happy to involve you in what we do. We look forward to seeing you.


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Daily Proverb

Proverbs 10:8

The wise-hearted man will let himself be ruled, but the man whose talk is foolish will have a fall.

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