Self-Denial 2010

Self-Denial Appeal 2010The money that is donated through Self-Denial is not just about the short-term need but about giving countries hope into the long-term, by pro-actively carrying out projects and providing the basic elements (i.e. building, training and vehicles infrastructure) Partner countries need to build a foundation for their work to continue and grow into the future.

The work that Self-Denial funds isn’t necessarily about emergency response (i.e. famine relief); it’s about providing basic elements, we may take for granted, but can mean the world of difference. Although these projects may seem basic, the changes they can make to people's lives are immense.


Self-Denial 2010 ChildrenFor example a project being undertaken in a Zambian school to resurface a kitchen floor will stop the breeding of harmful bacteria that could result in outbreak of disease. This sort of work project is essential to ensure the well being of the 800 pupils that attend the school.

With your gift we can provide the basic elements we may take for granted each day, to ensure we can continue our work improving lives for our brothers and sisters in our Partner countries.





Self-Denial Week News – 1886

The War Cry of 11 September 1886 included the following reports on ways in which money had been saved and sent in to support the very first Self-Denial Appeal:

• A Whole Corps Starving – All the soldiers and the officers stop in the barracks after the Sunday morning meeting, ‘with just a piece of bread and butter and a drink of water.’
• A brother of one of our officers gives up going to the International Exhibition and sends us his railway fare.
• A member of the Irish Constabulary gives up ‘two day’s pension from the Queen to my King Jesus.’
• Several gentlemen have given up their whole or part of their holidays.
• A friend has been abstaining from luxuries for the past two months, and sending us up a regular income therefrom. He has joined in the special week, and intends going without his dinner.
• A grocer in a large town is going to give the whole of his profits for the week.

The 18 September 1886 edition advertised several articles for sale for the benefit of the Self-Denial fund:

• Nearly new lady’s silver watch
• New evening dress coat and waistcoat
• Large coloured illustrated Bible
• Two painted plaques in plush frames
• Various articles of sterling silver and plated cutlery and tableware


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