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Please note:

November 2013: We are in particular need of Sugar, Coffee, and Tinned Meat products.

4th January 2013: We are very low on the following items, all donations greatly appreciated:  *Pasta *Super Noodles *Tinned meat *Fish * Cereal *Tinned vegetables.

11th April: Please note that we are short of supplies. If you are able to supply donations, can you please contact the office.

25th February:  We are at the moment very low on long life milk & sources of protein ie fish & would appreciate any donations

Many thanks to all those who kindly donated food following our appeal, the food cupboard is now once again well stocked.  Your generosity is always overwhelming but the need is always there

In the week Monday 19th to Friday 23rd December the Community Centre has had 20 food parcel requests.

We have been fortunate enough to receive several money donations and this has been put towards food and a few ‘luxury’ items just to make Christmas a little easier for these families.

Needless to say our food cupboard is looking rather bare and I am taking this opportunity to ask for food donations in the New Year.

Many thanks
Barbara Mellor
Community Centre Manager

The Salvation Army

Felixstowe Corps
Cobbold Road
IP11 7EL
Tel: 01394 276502

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