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Pictures of the hall taken professionally shortly after opening in 1978

Hi, Jim,  I seem to have lost your e-mail address, and the pictures of th hall are too big to upload in this format (but will attach to an e-mail).   Do you have the one of the band in 1914 with their caps on the ground?  You ought to visit my parents - they have a case full of pictures!

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Some of my memories of the Felixstowe Corp

I first came to The Salvation Army in 1940. The YP band was the attraction, it was war time so the Felixstowe Corp relied on the YP band to play for the Sunday services; as the senior band men were either fighting in the forces or doing defence work.

In 1947 I was called up for National Service and drifted away from the Salvation Army.

Married in 1953, we moved into 5 Falcon Street, which was the first house behind the army hall. My two daughters, Angela and Lorraine went to Sunday school from a young age.

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125 year celebrations

I and Pauline got saved on Sunday evening 2nd December 1951 at the old hall in Walton the day after our wedding. Then followed many happy years of service; bandsman, corps treasurer, YPSM and now as CCMS and CAS.

I do thank God for giving me a very good wife who supported me in all my activities as well as leading a very busy life of service to God herself.

God has been, and still is, very good to me and I have two good sons. I enjoy very good health which enables me to love and serve God in a practical way.

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Memories of the Move

MemoDear Friend

Thank you for contacting me regarding your 125th anniversary celebrations.  I thank God for all the faithful witness made in Felixstowe over the years.  It was good to be part of that ministry;  older comrades will recall our time there, 1978 - 80 endeavouring to proclaim the Gospel, first in Walton and then in Cobbald Road for a short time.

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The memory of a life changing moment.

Sunday, 1st April 2007: 10.15am. Amid the hustle and bustle before the start of the meeting, I found an oasis of quiet as I read the War Cry. It had an interview with the eminent scientist, Dr Francis Collins, the head of the Human Genome Project, which set out to map the whole human DNA. He had been an atheist for years before he was converted.

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Happy sunny days!

My fondest memories of the Felixstowe Salvation Army were gained when I used to take part in the summer adventure weeks. It was the mid 1980's and most of the churches offered a week in the summer where they would put on activities.

I went along to the Felixstowe corp with my little brother and met Arthur and Pauline Parker who were running it. We would make things and learn bible stories in the morning and then we would all go to the beach in the afternoon.

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