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Captain Lizette with her first time with the Young People and poses the question;'Can you get God into the box?. (July '22)12 viewsJul 31, 2022
Captain Lizette with her first time with the Young People and poses the question;'Can you get God into the box?. (July '22)9 viewsJul 31, 2022
Captain Lizette with her first time with the Young People and poses the question;'Can you get God into the box?. (July '22)8 viewsJul 31, 2022
Holiday Club (Held at the Salvation Army on Mondays) July 202220 viewsJul 25, 2022

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We began 2021 not knowing what to expect. We came through lockdown and thought we were through the worst only to be hit by Omicron. We leave 2021 travelling in hope.
saw Major Katerina delivering bibles to a local primary school.
We celebrated Easter with the usual display of flowers and plants that were distributed afterwards.
Six members of the Band attempted to play 123 songs from the Army Songbook beginning with C,Y & M to raise funds for CYM's trek across the Sahara (they succeeded). Major David lead the Armed Forces Day at the War Memorial. The Anglia Division ER vehicle attended a major fire in Felixstowe.
The Songsters returned with their first practice since the lockdown.
We held a Messy Church and later as part of CTIF we hosted a weekly Holiday Club.
saw us finally hold a WELCOME back meeting. The Band opened the meeting and was greeted with applause.
The Songsters returned to the Sunday meeting and sung two songs. The YP prize-giving was held and the Majors hosted the event. The Harvest Festival was held on the third.
And finally the Band made a welcome return to the Triangle. We celebrated with Jackie Fincham-Lawrance when she was awarded the Mayor's Award for 'Outstanding Community Service'. October also saw three of our ladies meet the General at the Anglia Divisional Celebrations at BSE.
The Band held a Concert for the British Legion Poppy Appeal. We currently have four members, Clive Harrold, Bernard Rayner, Peter Howlett & Dennis Versey, who attended the first Music School at Hadlegh,Essex. We welcomed back Richard & Nicky Waters for a visit.
Clive Harrold celebrated 73 years of continuous service with the Felixstowe Band. It was quieter time but we held the Trimley St Martin Carol Service here at the Hall. 'Gifts of Joy' driven by Gemma saw many toys passed onto those in need. Christmas Day we entertained many people to lunch and we thank Jackie and her team for all their efforts.
John Cates celebrated his 80th Birthday (October). Vi & Wally Thurston celebrated their Sapphire Wedding Anniversary (65years) in November. Bernard & Kath Rayner celebrated their Platinum Wedding Anniversary (70 years) on November 10th.
PROMOTED TO GLORY were Marion Versey on October 21st and Roy Aldis on November 1st.
June 6th saw the dedication of Archie Pentercost; grandson of David & Linda Squirrell and in December (5th) Hudson George Little, son of Alicia & Simon.
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The start of the year saw Simon Scott enforce his message of 'Gladness & Generosity' by handing out doughnuts to the congregation.
Major Martin Wheeler joined us later in January with a cooking demo for his message 'Cook Breakfast'.
We hosted the CTIF Unity Service with the Community Choir with Major Barry Willson delivering the message.
Our defibrillator was installed beside the main door and becomes part of the Felixstowe circuit.
In February we held the YP Annuals hosted by Captains Mark & Emma Scott. We enjoyed a breakfast before we started with Martin & Gemma at the helm. During the morning CSM John Ellitson handed a cheque for £1300 to Nigel Mapes for the Australia Fire Fund (Nigel and his wife Jo (Carolyn's daughter) were over from Australia.
A pancake party was held in aid of the Big Collection with Jackie , Gemma and Martin in charge.
With what turned to be the last social event of the year we had 'Music for a Winter's Evening' when we joined with the Ipswich Songsters and or Band. The Songsters were led by Juliette Parker and Kevin Grey with the Band being led by Ben Winton.
Lockdown approaches but before but before we closed, Matt Levett (CEO Youth & Young Adults) was our guest speaker for the Holy Habits series.
We now faced lockdown and the ever increasing need for food parcels was headed up by John & Maggie Cheadle. Gemma and her helpers did an amazing job keeping in touch with our young people supplying them with toys and games. (Gemma received a local award for all her efforts).
July 25th saw the installation of our new officers, Majors David & Katerina Lennox. Major Martin Wheeler led the installation with Major Katerina giving her testimony and Major David giving the message. CSM John Ellitson was presented with a certificate of thanks for all his hard work during the period we operated without officers.
We were fortunate to be able to be out carolling in the town on 2 Saturdays when the people of Felixstowe were very generous with their money and comments.

As Christmas approached the 'Shoebox Appeal' was still undertaken. Gemma and her assistants had the monumental task of fulfilling 'Christmas Gifts of Joy' when hundreds of boxes of gifts were sent out to children who maybe missing out at Christmas time.
As Christmas Day approached Jackie and her volunteers prepared and cooked well over a hundred meals that were delivered out to the deserving people.
During the year the following were Promoted to Glory; Janet Cracknell (January '20), William Gee (May'20), Nora Mays (May'20), Jean Versey (October '20), Enid Payne (October '20) and Brian Betts (October ,20)
During the year we must thank the technical fellas who have brought to us a service on a Sunday that has kept the corps together. The Band & Songsters have also been holding weekly Zoom meetings. We thank all the volunteers and helpers who have manged to keep us together during these trying times.
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2019 The year started normally for the corps unaware of the events that were to follow later in the year. It became apparent Major Stephanie’s father’s health was giving cause for concern and after a visit home to America, that Majors Bill & Stephanie would be leaving us in May and returning home.
It was determined we would be without officers until July 2020 and CSM John Ellitson assisted by the corps would take up the mantle.

January saw Neil Winton stand down as Songster Leader after 24 years and also standing down was Annette Scott as Deputy Songster Leader. Simon Scott also stood down as Bandmaster.

March was a busy month with the YP weekend and Mothering Sunday.

In April we celebrated Easter at the hall and at the Triangle with CTIF. We were encouraged to bring in plants that were then replanted outside in a ‘Garden of Remembrance’.

May saw Majors Bill & Stephanie leave us to travel home after such a short time with us. A leaving service and tea were held for them.

We hosted a Community Fayre in the main & community halls in June. The many stalls and entertainment brought in many new people to the Salvation Army. We hosted the Orwell Connections choir with the funds raised going towards the Big Collection.

Junior Soldiers Kathryn Idehen, Isabella Scott & Oliver Beaumont were enrolled in July. The International College also joined us for a Sunday Morning Service.

Captains Mark & Emma Scott, guest preachers, took a Sunday Service in August as part of the Holy Habits series.

September was a very busy month as usual with the Big Collection taking centre stage. Ruth Beattie, Youth Specialist from DHQ, as a guest preacher, took a Sunday Service. Kevin Gray was commissioned as Songster Leader. We had a surprise visit from Davide Capuano from Italy, one of Essentials students from 2016.

Harvest celebrations were to the fore in October with the main Harvest Festival, Explorers Festival and Harvest of the Sea, with the Fisherman’s Mission from Lowestoft. Connor Jessup was enrolled as a Junior Musician and Clare Jessup as a Songster.

In November we had the Shoebox Appeal.

December proved to be the busiest month of the year. The ever popular Christmas Tree Festival started off the month. The Band & Songsters had a busy carolling month that included Trimley St Mary Church, Waitrose, Hamilton Road and many other venues. The YP Band was also out in town. We had a full house for the Carol Service and we hosted many people for the Christmas Day lunch. Major Helen Schofield, from THQ, was the guest preacher.

Celebrating notable dates were: Les Bradley, 80th(June), Ray Versey, 90th(Oct), Bram & Maureen Skuse, Diamond Anniversary(March), Jim & Sheena Williams, Golden Anniversary(Oct), Trevor & Sheila Baker, Golden Anniversar (Oct). Clive Harrold celebrated 71 continuous years with the Band (Dec 16th)and 70 years with the Songsters(Dec 20th).

Promoted to Glory were: Major Jack Lawrance (Jan), Frances Scott(June), Brigadier Lillian Day(Aug), Major Gillian Andrews and Elsie Bewers(Nov).

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We began the New Year by welcoming our new officers, Captains Bill & Stephanie Thompson . The Band featured in the Anglia Divisional Celebration at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds.

February saw the YP Weekend led by Major Sandra Battle. The corps were away for a weekend retreat at Sizewell.

March/April we celebrated Easter with a Journey of Meditation and a service on the Triangle when Simon Scott gave the message. The highlight of the year came when we entertained the Chief of Staff (and future General) Commissioner Brian Peddle and his wife Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.

Allister & Kathleen Versfeld came for a last visit in May before going 'up north' to start new jobs. The renowned Cory Band came for concert held at St John's church to celebrate 130 years of banding in Felixstowe. Harry & Meghan's wedding was watched on a large screen in the hall and celebrated with a meal.

In June, the Band visited Rayleigh corps. The corps assisted Trimley Players with costumes for 'Guys & Dolls' and was rewarded with a cheque for £500 for the YP Band.

The Youth of Anglia Division had their Celebration at the corps in September. We were also visited the ISB for a weekend, led by Dr Stephen Cobb.

October saw our Harvest Festival and the Youth showcase their talents in a show, 'Got talent'. We also received a cheque for £2885 from Peewit Caravan Park.

We held the Shoebox service in November.

December was the usual busy month: the Charity Christmas Tree Festival proved more popular than ever at the start of the month; the Band & Songsters took part in the Carol Service at Trimley church with the Band carrying many carolling commitments during the month. The Young People had their Carol Service with the main candlelight service taking the title 'Love Came Down'. We unfortunately saw three major people stand down; Neil Winton, Songster Leader, Annette Scott, deputy leader and Simon Scott, Bandmaster.

We saw Clare Jessup enrolled as Deputy Singing Company Leader.

2018 was a popular year for anniversaries and birthdays. Harold Emeny (92, March), Kath Rayner (90, Sept) and Shirley Hinds (80, Nov). Anniversaries: Stan & Monica Cracknell (Diamond, March 15th),Peggy & Ray Rose (Diamond, March), Jack & Margaret Lawrance (Sapphire, May), Bob & Jean Versey,(Golden, Sept) and Clive & Sheila Harrold (Silver, Sept).

Promoted to Glory during the year was Bram Scott (Feb), Lilly Shurety (March), Bob George (April), Bill Cracknell (May).

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We started the new year unaware of the changes that faced us at the end of the year.
February saw Ruth Beattie, Div. Youth Specialist, lead us over the YP Week-end.
Mothering Sunday was celebrated in March as well as Easter. An Easter Contemplation was held in the hall.
John & Maggie decided on a gap year and we said a good-bye in April as they left for their narrow boat travelling the canals of the UK.
In June the Young Dreamers presented 'Railway Children'
We lost the Poffley family in July as they prepared to leave for a teaching position in India. We also said a permanent good-bye to David & Mariola Thompson as they decided to move to Mildenhall. Birmingham Citadel YP Band & Singing Company spent a week-end with us with a full and entertaining programme.
Dan Beaumont cycled from London to Paris for charity in September and we also welcomed Tom Elliott for a night of worship & comedy. Harvest Festival was also celebrated.
In October the Band took part in the Poppy Appeal Launch by marching down Hamilton Rd and playing on the Triangle.
December was an especially busy month as we digested the news we were losing our officers at the end of the year. The Band had a full program of carolling including Waitrose, Homebase and Hamilton Rd. The YP Band also played in Hamilton Rd. We also had the YP Carol Concert and our Carols by Candlelight. An emotional Farewell Service was held for Richard & Nicky and on their last Christmas Day service, Richard heard James Rutherford sing part of a carol and was encouraged by James to join him and John Ellitson.
Anne & John Ranner celebrated their Diamond Anniversary and Christine & John Hancock their Golden Anniversary. 90th birthdays were celebrated by Jack Lawrence & Roy Aldis.
Commissioned during the year were Ben Winton (YP Bandmaster), Kirsty Little (Singing Company Leader), Andy Cracknell (Band Secretary), Simon Scott (Bandmaster) and John Pilborough (Deputy Bandmaster).
Enrolled as a Soldier was Clare Jessup and several Junior Soldiers were also enrolled.
Shirley Hines retired from selling the Salvationist. Retiring also was Jim Williams (Treasurer) and Sheila Harrold (Assistant Treasurer).
We had one dedication this year: Felicity Ann Little, daughter of Simon and Alicia Little.
Promoted to Glory this year was Jean (Jeanette) Cracknell.
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2016February got off to its usual busy start with a hectic YP Week-end celebration.
March saw the visit of the Harpenden Band and Songsters followed by the
Household Troops Band. We also celebrated Mothering Sunday and an
Easter Contemplation Journey.
In July we said goodbye to Ben & Davide, our Essentials students, who led a
Sunday morning service.
In September we held our Harvest Festival.
November saw Captain Richard attending an ICO Session and during one weekend
we hosted several overseas delegates. During Richard's absence, one of meetings
was taken by a former corps member, Captain Matt Elsey.
December was busy as usual with the Christmas Tree Festival, Samaritans Purse
shoe box appeal and the YP Carol Service.
Dedicated in March was Isla Rose, daughter of Clare & Andrew Jessup.
In June, Richard thanked Betty Cook for all help in collecting from the pubs as she decided to call it a day.
July saw the retirement from the Songsters of four long serving members; Peter and Janet
Howlett and John and Ann Ranner.
Several Junior Soldiers were enrolled in August.
In September, Katherine Kane and Damien Laverty were enrolled as Soldiers. Enrolled as
Adherents were Alan Kane, John and Christine Hancock and Mary Jordan.
William Gee was enrolled as a Soldier in October.
In March, Harold Emeny celebrated his 90th birthday.
Anniversaries celebrated during the year were: (Feb) Bram & Frances Scott (70 years -Platignum).
(March) George & Elsie Bewers (65yrs - Sapphire). (Nov) Bernard & Kath Rayner (65 yrs - Sapphire)
Vi & Wally Thurston (60yrs - Gold)
Promoted to Glory in January was George Yealand.

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2015 In January, Bexleyheath Brass visited us on their 33-99 Road trip (Bacon Butties & Brass)
February started with the YP weekend and Goff & Diane Payne paid us a visit and took the services.
We had Mother's Day in March.
In April the Band & Songsters paid a visit to Jersey over the Easter weekend.
As part of their pre-Congress tour the Chicago Staff Band gave a concert at the Academy in June.
In July the Band posed for their official pictures, several members of the corps went to the Boundless Congress and the YP corps entered a float in the Carnival. Leighton Williams held a fundraising coffee morning for Prudential Ride 100 where we will be riding for the Army. Guest presenters for Friends Together were Allister & Kathleen Versfeld.
In August, Majors Lynn & Raelton Gibbs from DHQ paid us a visit and took the service. The corps picnic was held at a very sunny Rendlesham. Leighton Williams completed the 100 mile ride for the Army.
September was sad month as James Alderton left us for pastures new.
October saw us hold Mother's Day and a 'Not So Strictly' social event was held. The band paid a visit to Burgess Hill.
Shoebox Sunday was held in November and the corps affiliated Young Dreamers performed 'David Copperfield'.
December was the usual busy month with Christmas Tree Festival, YP Carol service, carolling and a Christmas Day Service. We also shared in a Cadbury's Cadvent quiz; Joan the winner shared the prize with the Salvation Army.
Anniversaries during the year were: Chris & Rose Bray (Ruby June), John & Maureen Cates (Ruby June) and Bill & Jeanette Cracknell (Sapphire August)
The only Dedication this year was Emily Beaumont, daughter of Charlotte & Dan.(Feb)
Bill & June Bailey have now undertaken the role of looking after the Community Care Ministry.
Promoted to Glory this year were: June George (Jan), Lady English (April), Arthur Parker (April), Pat Boyer (August), Mary Hackerson (August), John Cracknell (November) and Henry Battle (Dec).

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2014 In February our YP Weekend was led by Major Michelle Woodhouse, who also commissioned Chris Ozanne as our YPSM. Christopher Poffley presented 'Love Never Fails' a Valentine Celebration.

March saw us host 'Women's Day of Prayer'.

The Songsters were at Tunstall in April and we celebrated Easter at the Hall and on the Triangle.
Many of the corps went to the Divisional Celebrations in Norwich where the Band contributed. General Andre Cox presented a certificate to our retiring Bandmaster, John Ranner.

In May we marked John Ranner's retirement with a special service with many of his friends visiting.

Cadet Louise Brown led our Sunday worship in June prior to her Commissioning. The Band took part in a WW1 event at Landguard Fort.

July saw the return of the Poffleys from their cycle ride from Spain. The Songsters travelled to Rushdon to give a Concert. Many of the corps travelled to Central Hall, Westminster for the commissioning of Louise Brown. The Household Troop led the Carnival with our own Carl Cracknell in the band.

In October we had a guest speaker, Ken Donaldson from Talitha Koum.

December was the usual busy month with the Christmas Tree Festival, YP Concert, Carols by Candlelight and a very busy carrolling season by the Band.

We celebrated several anniversaries during the year; Bram & Frances Scott (68 years of marriage)(Feb), Brian & Anita Chenery (Gold Wedding)(July) and Frances Scott's 90th birthday (July)

Made Soldiers during the year were: Pat Boyer (Jan), Stella Freeguard (Jan), David Stewart (Jan), Richard Sewell, June Bailey and Bill Bailey (Sept)
Made Adherents were Dawn Heneghan and Doreen Stiff (March)
Commissioned as a Band & Songster member was Ben Winton (Jan), Bandmaster (John Pilborough), Simon Scott (Deputy Bandmaster) and Kevin Gray (Band Secretary) (July).
John Cates retired as Recruiting Sergeant (Aug).
Five Junior Soldiers were enrolled during September.
Heather Ranner left as Singing Company Leader after marrying and moving to a new corps (Dec)

We had one Dedication during the year; Freya Ablitt, daughter of Lindsay and Robert (May).

Promoted to Glory during the year were; Beryl Webb (Feb), Barbara Aldis (Sept), Joan Hawes (Sept) and Florrie Nicholls (Sept)

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2013January began with a 'Prayer Week for Christian Unity'. Salvation Brass also visited us and gave a memorable concert; members travelled from all over the UK to be with us.

February saw the YP Weekend by Captain Richard Waters.
In March the leaders of Parents & Toddlers organised, with help from the congregation, Easter Eggs with a Christian Message. Easter Sunday saw us on the Triangle to celebrate with CTIF. The Songsters attended Tunstall Church and assisted with Songs of Praise.

A new sound system was installed during May. A cafe style evening service was organized by Simon Scott when various leaders from the area explained about their youth week. Several members of the church also took part in the Annual Fun Run.

In June, NGM brought us 'Luv Esther'. A brand new production, a brand new cast, and a brand new training module from ngm academy!
Carolyn & David Ward organised a Strawberry Tea in July to raise funds for Community work.

Harvest Festival was celebrated in September with the usual high standard of window dressing and the food cupboard was also replenished.

During November we sent approx. 200 boxes to the Shoebox Appeal.
We had a busy December with the Christmas Tree Festival, YP Service, Carols by Candlelight and carrolling by the Band.

Commissioned during year was Angela Barbrook-Assistant Treasurer (August) and Simon Little-Assistant Secretary (Sept). Enrolled as a Soldier was Ben Winton(July). During the previous 12 months we enrolled 19 Junior Soldiers. Dennis Versey was transferred to Band and Songster reserve (Nov).

During the year we celebrated many occasions - Jack & Margaret Lawrence (Diamond), Harold & Margaret Emeny (Silver) (August) and Brian Betts (80th birthday).
Dedicated was Marshall Smith (May).

We celebrated 3 weddings during the year - David & Mariola Thompson (May), Simon Little & Alicia Gray (August) and Andrew Jessup & Clare London (Sept).

Promoted to Glory were Pamela Russell (May), Barbara Wakerley (Oct), Freda Jones (October) and Karen Hood (Oct).

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2012January started with a ‘Week of Prayer’ with a service led by retired Baptist Minister, Peter Croft. The YP weekend was led by Lieutenants Mark & Emma Scott.
February saw ‘24-3’ – An Opportunity for Prayer.
A Partnership Festival celebrating 30 years of Youth Banding took place in March. The partnership was between the Divisional Youth Band and the Reunion Band. The Songsters paid their usual visit to Tunstall Church. Mother’s Day was also celebrated.
In April the Poffley family organized and explained the meaning of the Passover meal. Many of the corps attended the Divisional Celebrations in the Apex building in Bury St Edmunds. Good Friday was shared with CTIF on the Triangle. The Community Cafe (Munch ‘n’Lunch) was presented with an award from the council for their work in the community.
We were visited by Major Nigel Bovey, editor of the War Cry in May to talk about his book, The Mercy Seat Revisited. As a result of the Belarus project, we were visited by Nicolai Bulbetski, who talked about his work in Belarus. Highlight of the month was the visit of the world renowned Stockholm South Band.
Talent within the corps was shown in a combined evening with Steve Price in June. Friends Together celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Anniversary with a ‘do’ at The Hut on the seafront.
Founder’s Day in July found many of the Corps in uniform on the Triangle promoting the work of the Army; many attended work in their uniform. The Community Cafe celebrated their first birthday.
August was a month of highs and lows. We said good bye to Captains Allister & Kathleen, who were bound for Peterborough, and we welcomed Captains Richard & Nicky Waters.
In September we saw Cadet Louise Brown leave us for the Training College.We celebrated the Youth weekend with the Straight Ahead Youth Chorus and was led by Lt.Matt Elsey.
October saw the Regent Hall Band visit us and treated us to an open air concert and with a concert in the evening. Major John Waters, Richard's father, led one of our Sunday services.
In November the Band visited Hinckley Corps for the weekend.
December was a busy month as usual with the Charity Tree festival, YP Concert, Candlelight Service, Crib and Christmas Day services.

Commissioned as local officers were Anne Hall (Small Groups Coordinator)(Jan), Grahame Hall (Mission Secretary)(May), Sheena Williams (Songster Secretary)(May) and Jim Williams (Treasurer)(June).
Enrolled as Soldiers were Doug French (June) & Brian Betts (July). Enrolled in January as Adherents were Giles Meehan, Peggy Rose, Sally Barrett, & Marjory Bird. Also enrolled as an Adherents was Celia Rose(April).

During the year we celebrated many occasions: Mike & Judy Scott (Ruby Wedding-April), Jim Williams & Joe Little(65th birthday-May), Dennis Versey (70th birthday – July), Peter Howlett & Janet Harrold (Engagement-July and wedding in October). Also married in October was Gemma Fincham & Martin Saxton. Celebrating their Golden Wedding in December were Mick & Christine Gage.

January saw the arrival of Nancy Harlow, great-great granddaughter of Ray Versey and in June, Katherine, daughter of Ginny & Simeon Idehen, was dedicated. December 31st saw the arrival of Marshall, a son for Gavin & Kirstie Smith.
Promoted to Glory were Don Hinds(May), Ray Boyer(June)and Dorothy Little(September)
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2011We started the new year by singing carols; the 'Carols by Candlelight' service was cancelled in December by snowy weather. Lisa King starts the year as acting YPSM after Libby Winton's retirement. Joining us is Josh Hunt, who will be completing his Essential Youth Worker placement with us; he will be assisting Simon Scott.

January saw the launch of the E100 Bible Study and Major Colin Johnson (now Promoted to Glory) led the YP weekend.

In February we enjoyed a musical Valentine’s evening with Christopher Poffley and his talented friends and the Town Pastors led an evening service explaining the role they perform.
March was a busy month with Major Dean Pallant leading our self-denial Sunday and several members of the corps undertaking a 24 hour fast. The inspirational Carl Finnan from UCB led an evening service and we were treated to the Riding Light Theatre’s production of ‘The Narrow Road’. The world famous Enfield Citadel Band also performed a concert for us.

April brought us the launch of the first ‘Alive’ gig for the young people with a local and professional groups taking part. Easter saw the Band performing on the Triangle under the new ‘gazebo’. Louise Brown organised a charity ‘sleep out’ at Great
Eastern Square with several corps members taking part.

In April we saw the early arrival of Regan Smith (parents Kirstie & Gavin) and in May arriving late was Oliver Beaumont (parents Charlotte & Dan).

May saw the first of our 125 Anniversary celebrations with the Anglia Youth Band being with us for a weekend. Apart from a concert at the Hall and leading our worship, they performed under the ‘gazebo’ on the Saturday afternoon.

June saw the ‘125’ Celebration weekend (18th/19th) that started with a Saturday evening concert attended by the Mayor, Doreen Savage and with morning and afternoon events on the Sunday. Due to illness Majors Peter & Val Mylecreest were unable to lead the weekend. A ‘Celebration of Friendship’ was led by Major Joy Allchin.

In July 3 Bandsmen, John Cracknell, Dennis Versey & Clive Harrold celebrated 63 years of continuous service to the Band. The Ladies had a successful Retreat Day at the Hall and we celebrated Founders day with Band on the Triangle. As part of the ‘125’ Celebration, a ‘Praise in the Park’ (Allenby Pk) was held on a very sunny afternoon where praise, food and games were enjoyed by all.

In August the Young People entered the Felixstowe Carnival and were placed second in their class.

September saw us celebrating Harvest Festival and the official launching of ‘Munch ‘n’ Lunch by the Mayor, Doreen Savage.

In October Christopher Poffley, in a Café Style evening service, talked about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. As part of our ‘125’ Celebrations, we had a visit by the Maidenhead Timbrelists (the assistant Timbrel leader being Lindsay Ablitt nee Cracknell). The month ended with a ‘Light Party’ for the Young People.

The highlight of November was the Band/Songster Weekend of 5th/6th , conducted by Dean Jones, it being the final event of our ‘125’ Celebration year. The weekend was led by Majors Richard & Sandra Welch from IHQ. We also held our ‘Shoebox Service’ in partnership with Samaritans Purse (Operation Christmas Child)

December was a very busy month beginning with the YP Carol Service and the Mayor’s Civic Carol Concert coming early in the month. The second ‘Alive’ gig with
‘Sounds of Salvation’ was followed by the Charity Christmas Tree Festival, Carols by Candlelight and the Band carolling in town. We held a ‘Crib Service’ on Christmas Eve and we finished with a service on Christmas morning when the children showed us their presents. Arthur Parker and his team had 70+ sit down for their Christmas meal in the Community Hall.

Commissioned during the year were Christopher & Rebekka Poffley (Adherents-Jan), Brian Betts (Adherent-Jan), Jess Ozanne (Junior Soldier-Jan), Anne Hall (Songster-March), Jackie Fincham (Corps Organising Secretary-May), John Pilborough (Corps Secretary-May), Jacob Morley, Tyler Harrold, Ella Harrold, Amy Versfeld (Junior Soldiers-June), Clare London (Adherent-June) and Louise Brown (Soldier-Oct) (Songster Commission-Nov)
Retirements during the year included Stan Cracknell (Band-Feb), Ellie Salmon (Parent & Tots), Margaret Bale (Centre Manager), Trevor Baker (Corps Secretary), Simon Scott (Corps Youth Secretary), Andrew Gee (Small Groups Coordinator) & Jean Versey (Corps Treasurer)

We celebrated the anniversaries of Bob & June George (Diamond-March), George & Elsie Bewers (Diamond-March), Dennis & Marion Versey (Golden-April), Bernard & Kath Rayner (Diamond-November) & Violet & Wahl Thurston (Emerald-November).
Celebrating birthdays were John Cates (70th-November) & Muriel Beavis (95th -December). Simon Little & Alicia Gray announced their engagement.

Dedicated during the year were Reuben Jacobs (June), Regan Smith (August), Oliver Beaumont (Sept), Bradley Minter (Oct) & Katimai Leighton (Dec)

Promoted to Glory were Mark Versey (March), Major Frances Lake (Sept) (former CO), Marjory Walters (Oct) & George Kettle (Dec) They will be sadly missed.
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2010January 1st saw the launch of the Digital Archive with Bernard Rayner and Jim Williams discussing the Archive on BBC Suffolk: it was also launched in the local media. By the end of the year the archive had 3100 images that had been viewed 56,000 times by people in 50 countries.
In January, Major Noel Wright led a Corps Retreat Day at the Hall and we also hosted the ‘Week of Prayer’. At the end of January, DC Major David Jackson officially opened the newly refurbished Hall after the initial date had been cancelled due to snow.
In February, Major Michelle Woodhouse led both services for the YP Annual Weekend.
March saw us ‘Walk Thru’ the New Testament with Kevin Baldwin, the Ladies attending their Retreat and the Town Pastors commissioned.
In July Major Susan Jones led us in the Home & Family weekend.
August saw the addition of an ‘Audio Archive’ to the Website. It has been launched with ‘Sounds of the Seaside’, a 1976 recording by the Band, to be followed by at least 6 more recordings once they have been converted and cleaned up digitally.
Commissioned during the year were Sheena Williams (Songster-Jan), John & Maggie Cheadle (Adherants-April), Pat Partridge (Soldier-May), Christine Gage (Soldier-May), Jane Hume (Soldier-May), Anne & Grahame Hall (Soldiers-May), Jacqueline Neil (Adherent-May), Doug & Lisa French (Adherants-May) , Sheila Harrold (Asst Corps Treasurer-June) and Andrew Gee as Small Groups Coordinator. Rebecca & Abigail French & Lauren Versfeld were made Junior Soldiers and were enrolled into the Singing Company. At the end of the year saw the retirement of Libby Winton as YP Sergeant Major.
We celebrated the weddings of Dan & Charlotte Beaumont (June) and John & Angela Pilborough (July). In August saw Bill & Jeanette Cracknell celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary and Jo & Ann Little their Ruby Anniversary. Celebrating birthdays were George Kettle (90th) & Stan Cracknell (80th)
Dedicated during the year were Ashton Lamb (May), Connors Brothers-Lee (June) and Dawson Coldwell (July). In August saw the arrival of Isabella Scott (Parents Simon & Annette Scott) who was dedicated in October and Reuben Jacobs (Parents Emily Talbot & Kevin Jacobs).
In September saw the Mebourne Singers join us for the weekend. Our Harvest Festival service was led by Captains Carol & Alan Frederiksen.
October saw the ladies at a Retreat in Kirton and a visit by the Stowmarket Band. We also undertook the MICAH Challenge and Hunger Lunch.
In December saw our first Charity Christmas Tree Festival and the cancellation of ‘Carols by Candlelight’ due to snowy conditions. (It would be re-scheduled for January)
Promoted to Glory were Inez Bloomfield (January), Lt Colonel Mrs Ivy Sharman (January) (Mother of Trish Binge), Audrey Versey (April), Joyce Scott(April), Ella Smith(April) and Dick Baker(May).
Social events included a Valentine’s Evening, Car Treasure Hunt, a ‘Football Night’ watching England play !!!in the World Cup at the Hall and enjoying a thrilling Twenty20 match at Chelmsford watching Essex.
Our Outreach commitments included the Band appearing on Radio Suffolk (March) and the Songsters at Tunstall Church (April). The Band & Songsters also had a very busy December.
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2009Includes Hall Refurbishment, Outreach, Social & Church Events

The year was dominated by the extensive refurbishment carried out to the Hall and activities were either cancelled or worked around the building work. The results of the changes will bear fruit in 2010.
2009 saw several Commissions including Mike Scott as Deputy Bandmaster, Simon Scott as Corps Youth Secretary and Tim Andrews as a Bandsman. Retirements included Harold Emeny from 68 years of Banding, Christine Gage from the 4th Walton Brownie Pack,Maureen Cates as Home League Secretary, Dennis Versey as Over 60's Secretary, Bernard Rayner as Corps Press Secretary and Andrew Gee as YP Treasurer. Arthur Parker collected his Maundy Money from the Queen at Bury St Edmunds
40 Days of Building Relationship was launched in June with the Celebration Sunday several weeks with many people giving their Testimonies. Highlight of the year was the visit of Retired General John Larsson & Retired Commissioner Freda Larsson for our Harvest Festival.
The Anglia Fellowship Band gave a charity concert in aid of East Suffolk Association for the Blind.
We had a busy outreach year that included the Band’s visit to Rushden, the Songsters at the Albert Hall for the Gospel Arts Concert, Ambassadors in Sport, Play in the Park and Praise on the Prom when Captain Allister was the guest speaker.
The social events included a Valentine Evening, ‘Love & Life’, a Harvest Supper and Barn Dance and on the film night we had a sing along ‘Mama Mia’ including fancy dress.
We celebrated the weddings of Hannah Talbot & Danny Harlow and Lyndsay Cracknell & Richard Ablitt.
Ruby Weddings were celebrated by Don & Shirley Hinds, Jim & Sheena Williams and Trevor & Sheila Baker with Pat & Colin Gage celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Promoted to Glory in his 96th year was Joe Woods.

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2008Includes Outreach, Social & Church Events

Highlight of the year for the Band and many invited local bandsmen, was the visit by Dr Stephen Cobb (Territorial Musical Director) for a Masterclass.
Dennis Versey was recognised for his 45 years of involvement with the Festival of Remembrance and received a Certificate of Recognition.
The guest speakers on our Shoebox Sunday were retired Commissioners Alex & Ingeborg Hughes.
In September, several members enjoyed a retreat at Sunbury Court.
Our Outreach projects this year included another successful Ambassadors in Sport week and a new venture for the Corps, an Auction of Promises, with the proceeds going to the ‘Boost’ bus project.
Several members took part in the annual Suffolk Churches Cycle Ride with new distance records being set. The Band also attended the Open Air service at Orford Castle.
The social activities included a ramble to Felixstowe Ferry and then tea at the Bradleys, a Barn Dance, a Bowls & BBQ and the annual picnic at Rendlesham Forest.
We celebrated the marriage of Victoria Emeny & Steve Lamb and Monica & Stan Cracknell celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Promoted to Glory was Ethel Salter.
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2007Includes Outreach, Social & Church Events

During 2007 we saw ’40 Days of Community’ start and several weeks later Celebration Sunday.
The Home Weekend was led by Commissioners Robert & Janet Street.
Simon Little was commissioned as a Songster.
We were busy with our Outreach projects and saw many children taking part in the Ambassadors in Sport football course. Many people also built and manned a successful Carnival Float entry. ‘Puppet Praise’ led our Sunday services and gave a performance in the afternoon in the Spa Gardens.
The Songsters and the Band also paid a visit to Ely Methodist Church.
The Social calendar involved a successful Bowls & BBQ evening and a Brunch at Headquarters. We also saw the first outing for the Theatre Group who went to see ‘Hello Dolly’at the Spa Pavilion.
We celebrated the wedding of Kirsty Emmerson & Steve Coldwell and the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Jeanne & George Yealand. Also celebrating were Ann & John Ranner and Janet & John Cracknell who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversaries.
Promoted to Glory was Olive Bebbington, the Corps Pianist.

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2006Trevor Baker was made Corps Secretary and David Thompson the Corps Quarter- Master.
We had concerts given by The International Staff Singers, United Bands and the William Booth Memorial Hall Songsters.
Arthur Parker received the Civic Award from the Mayor of Felixstowe for services to the community.
We received a new Corps Flag presented and dedicated by the Ranner Family.
The marriage of Kirstie Williams & Gavin Smith took place in April and Promoted to Glory were Tom Bradley, Doreen Baker & Jan Vinecombe.

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2002 - 2005During this period we saw concerts given by many visiting groups: South London F’ship Band (’02), London & Home Counties Festival of Male Voice Praise (’02), Copenhagen Gospel Factor (’02), Norwich City YP Singing Company (’04), Clacton Cooperative Band and the Household Troop (’05).
2002 saw John Ellitson was commissioned as Corps Sergeant- Major and Jean Versey was made Corps Treasurer.
TC Alex & Ingeborg Hughes together with Lt Colonel Howard Grottick (’03) paid us a visit and later that year, General Larsson. Lt Colonel Poke came in 2004.
Several marriages took place: Annette Baker & Simon Scott (02), Lizzie Burrows & Matt Elsey (’03) and Dawn Thresh & Malcolm Baxter.
We had two couples celebrating Golden Wedding Anniversaries: Olive & Henry Battle and Audrey & Ray Versey (Both in 2003).
Promoted to Glory were Wycliffe Baker (’03), Margaret Hyslop (‘02), Helen Bradley (’03), Mary Sanderson ‘(05), Brian Harrold (’05) and Pauline Parker (’05)
With sadness we saw the departure in 2004 of our CO’s Captains Goff & Diane Payne who were posted back to Africa.
Our new Commanding Officers, Captains Allister & Kathleen Versfeld joined us in August 2005.
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1957 - 1990Corps photographer Stan Cracknell used a film camera to record the history of the corps. At the same time, Stan was also using a slide film camera. We now have approximately 600 colour transparencies that we are digitally converting and they will be added to the Archive during the year. Rather than spread them over existing albums we will be using a dedicated Category.
All the Albums have now been completed and show all the aspects of corps life: weddings, beech meetings, trips abroad, dedications and all the seasonal activities and much more.

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1979 - 1998During this period we see the move to the Christchurch United Reform Church in Cobbold Road, with the official opening by Commissioner Geoffrey Dalziel.
A major musical production of ‘Glory’, produced by Bernard Rayner, was performed at the Spa Pavilion in 1979. A second musical, ‘Jesus Folk’, by the same production team, was performed at Woodbridge in 1981 and 1982.
We celebrated a 100 years since the first meeting by Commissioner George Scott Railton at Felixstowe Ferry.
BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ was held in the Spa Gardens in 1984 and in 1986 we celebrated 100 years of Corps status.
The Band celebrated its Centenary Anniversary in 1998.
In 1990 we see the marriage of Major Peter Mylechreest and Valerie Schultz (our Commanding Officers)
We see the improvements carried out to the Hall during 1994/95 and the retirement in 1996 of Majors Dennis & Molly Ward. The same year sees the arrival of our new Commanding Officers, Captains Godfrey & Diane Payne.
During 1997 the Songsters visited Jersey and we conclude this period with a visit from the Portugese Salvation Army in 1997.
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1999 - 2001We had several retirements and new appointments during this period. We said goodbye to Bernard Rayner as Divisional Bandmaster (’99), Bill Cracknell as Over 60’s Secretary, Marion Cracknell & Maureen Skuse as Sunday School Primary Leaders, John Cracknell as Corps Representative for SPRS and Joe Little as Corps Sergeant-Major (’01). New appointments included Bev de’Asha as Fellowship Leader and Fiona Gee as Corps Treasurer. In 2001 Joe Wood left our Corps to attend Stowmarket Corps.
Outreach projects included the Band performing at the Caravan Club Rally at the Suffolk Showground, Carnival entries, Carols at the Spa Pavilion organised by John Ellitson and the Band & Songsters performed at the Trinity Methodist Church.
The Anglian Golden Oldies and The Real Support Group gave performances during this period. Delegates from the International College visited us as well as Captain Juan Arias from Teneriffe. Keith & Lorraine Doust led us in a service and a Harvest Festival was led by Lt Colonel Alan Atherton.
We celebrated the marriages of Victoria Rhea & Barnaby Faux (’00), Janine Layton & Andrew Jacobs (’01) and Marcus Peel & Suzy Hope (’01).
Pat & Colin Gage celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary (’99) and Golden Wedding Anniversaries were celebrated by Dick & Miriam Baker (’99) and Bernard & Kath Rayner (’01). Dorothy Little celebrated her 80th birthday.

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1940 - 1978During the war years, Adjutant & Mrs John Vowles were the Corps Officers. Many of the Corps children were evacuated during this period.
After the war, Major & Mrs William Deacon were Corps Officers between 1944-1946, with Major & Mrs Tom Watts joining us for a brief period during 1946.
The ‘Torchbearers’ were formed in 1945 and the Songsters celebrated their Silver Anniversary in 1947. We also see the Corps involvement in Flood Relief work in 1953.
In 1958 the Salvation Army became affiliated to the Baden Powell Scouting Movement.
In 1965 we see the debut of the ‘Pilgrims’ Rhythm Group. Also in 1965, the Band are presented with new instruments and with new uniforms in 1970.
The Corps also celebrated the Royal Silver Jubilee in 1977.
We finish the year with pictures of the Band’s travels to Germany and Holland.

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1887 - 1939During this period we have the first pictures of the Corps taken from 1887. Also featured is the first picture of the Band on the march in 1888 with new instruments being supplied in 1914.
There are also pictures of the Walton High Street Hall and latterly with the new Mercy Seat being installed in 1923. After overcoming objections we see pictures of the start of the popular beach meetings in 1909.
The Corps was depleted during the 1914-18 War and there are pictures of the celebrations after the declaration of peace.
The funeral of the Corps Officer, Adjutant Alfred Hoy is also shown.
We conclude with pictures of the visit by the International Staff Band.

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